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Columbus, Ohio Commercial Wash

Commercial Power Wash Services By Go Power Wash

Client retention and a professional image is a business lifeline. The cleaner your business looks, the more traffic you will draw inside. Whether you have a law firm, dental clinic, real estate office, health care facility, or a financial institution, providing a clean and safe environment is appealing to your clients. At Go Power Wash, we provide you with an extreme clean from top to bottom through our professional power washing 

We provide hassle free exterior cleaning consist of but not limited to:
• Roof cleaning
• Building washing
• Concrete cleaning
• Rust removal
• Gum removal
• Graffiti removal

We use the most up to date industry practices, formulated cleaning solutions, and equipment to:

* remove slip hazards from dirty sidewalks

* kill mold, mildew, and algae

*utilized heated water

*environmentally friendly

*follow EPA regulated BMP’s

*safety practices

*enhance curb appeal

You can feel confident with our expert knowledge, continuing education, and experience from our crew. With power washing, roof cleaning, and more, your business’ exterior will match the integrity you bring every day. We will provide you with an extreme clean for your property’s image safely from top to bottom.

*provide superior communication

*project completed in a timely manner

*reports of anything which may require your attention

*environmentally friendly

*follow EPA regulated BMP’s

*OSHA safety practices

* hassle free to make your day easier

✔️Fleet ✔️Concrete ✔️Parking Lots ✔️Sidewalks ✔️Buildings ✔️Store Fronts 
✔️Parking Garages

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